Welcome to GFA

Vampyr a posted Aug 18, 11
This is the site of the Galactic Freedom Alliance <GFA> hailing from the Starsider Galaxy of Star Wars Galaxies and now making our home in Star Wars: The Old Republic.   GFA is led unanimously by a Triune: currently consisting of Cristophe Waeznor, Vampyr, and Gotrec Dloato - however, our entire player association has a say in all decision making. If you have any questions about GFA, please contact any of them here or in game. 

GFA has no restrictions on race or profession. of its guild mates.  Instead of being a traditional guild, GFA branches out to be a hub to improve the rebel community; aligning with a number of other guilds in an effort to offer help and support for each other variety of elements. One perk being a PA aligned with GFA is applying for Kalidor Squadron; an elite space program headed up by Cristophe and Gotrec.  This group has been flying for years and were originally a guild-only endeavor, but opening enrollment to aligned guilds offers more opportunity for one to become a Kaildor Besides the flight group, GFA-aligned guilds have other perks such as parties, social activities, hunting, events, and Galactic Civil War battles.

Everyone amongst the clan of GFA are equals, whether a  longtime veteran, newcomer, or even refugee from other mmos.  All of our alliances are extended family, and we are all a network to make the galaxy a better place: ensuring peace and freedom in the process. 

Would you like to learn more about the Galactic Freedom Alliance, becoming an aligned guild, or even finding out if your guild participates in our network?  Look for anyone sporting the GFA tag or directly contact any of the names previously mentioned.  We are all very friendly, so no need to worry about imposing upon us.  Come see what we can offer for you, or how you can assist with our good fight . You never know...  You might just find yourself home without even realizing it.